Thursday, March 05, 2015

Yet Another Surgery

If you read my last update you know that I was scheduled to meet with the doctor to get my latest test results back.  That was over a week ago.  I don’t know why it took me so long to send out an update.  Unfortunately, they found a lump on my chest, so I’m going under the knife again on Monday.  The good news is that finding the lump was expected:  after all, they put it there!  I’m referring to the port I had installed for chemo.  Yep, I appear to be cancer free for now, and the three month checkup was so good that 1) they’re going to remove my port (which, by implication, means they don’t anticipate any more chemo in the foreseeable future), and 2) I don’t have to have another doctor visit for SIX months!  So, barring a sudden change, I probably won’t send out any more updates for approximately six months.  Life is good.  God is good!

Signing off for now with Philippians 3:20,

P.S.  For those that misunderstood my last update, no, I’m not writing a book.  That was just an excuse for a joke/play on words. J

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Kathryn Mackel said...

Yes, God is good. Sounds like you are, too!