Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August Update

Time files when you’re having fun, and I’m having so much fun it’s hard to believe!  I love God, my wife, my kids, my family, my friends, my job, …, my LIFE!  Between church, hockey, drives in the foothills and mountains, movies, tennis, canoe trips, soccer, weekends with friends, etc., it’s hard not to think of this as a good life!

What I hate is cancer, and its potential to separate me from all of those things except God.  But, for today I don’t have to worry about that.  Last week I had a CT scan and blood work in preparation for my 3-month check-up.  Today I went to said check-up.  One of the first things they do after you sign in is check your weight and blood pressure.  I lamented that I’d been gaining too much weight.  Their response?  Well, we’re glad it’s not going the other way.  Always look on the bright side of life.  ?  Then I got the really good news:  both the CT scan and the bloodwork were clear!  There is no sign of cancer returning.  My next significant scan, assuming all else continues normally, will not be for another six months (i.e. in the February timeframe).

It’s interesting, though, that God has a way of tempering joy and/or reminding us that it’s in His hands.  On our way out of the doctor’s office we met an acquaintance.  It seems she is not, from a cancer perspective, as fortunate as I.  She also had stage 4 colon cancer, but hers, as I understand it, has not only returned but spread.  So, while you’re thanking God for my progress, perhaps you can also petition God on Katrina’s behalf.

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Katrina said...

Thank you Brad for that. I'm glad you are better. God is, indeed, good! I feel blessed that He has given me the strength to do a lot of things in spite of it!