Friday, January 06, 2017

Ringing in 2017

I feel like I should be sending out an update, since I’ve had two important doctor visits since my last update, but I also feel like I have nothing interesting or clever to say.  Maybe this is what Sue calls “writers’ block”.  Oh, well, I guess I’ll just send a factual update.

My last surgery, including the recovery, was the easiest one yet.  I think I’ve been quoted as saying something like “I’ve had colds that hit me worse!”  A couple of weeks after that surgery, I had a follow-up meeting with the surgeon.  The most memorable quotes I have from that meeting are “jeez you heal nicely” (hey – it’s nice to be good at something, though I don’t think it’s to the point of super-power J) and “you’re all clear – we don’t see any more cancer in your lungs”.  That was good news, though given my history it sadly doesn’t mean it will last.

Tuesday I had a follow-up with the oncologist for the PET scan I had just before Christmas.  Again the news was good:  the PET scan was clear!  But this was my oncologist so, of course, he had to add a bit of gloominess about how my prospects were still not very good, statistically speaking, in the longer term.  And so life goes:  always a mix of good news and bad.  Still, we rejoice in the clear PET scan, and today’s blue skies.  “Do not worry about tomorrow….” (Matt. 6:34)

There.  Now you’re up-to-date.  If you’d like a more detailed update about my family, other aspects of my life, etc., send me yours first.  Then, if you request that kind of update, Sue and/or I will reply.  J

God bless you!


Kacey said...

Sorry about the cancer! I could not imagine going through that. It's really awesome that the PET scan was clear. It must of been the biggest relief! Hopefully it stays that way. Surgery is not great either. I have been lucky to only has surgery once. I hate going to the doctor, with all the needles and sterile setting.

Rajesh Gupta said...
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Rajesh Gupta said...
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