Friday, January 31, 2014

Recovering Slowly

I figure I better write this quickly, while I’m in a good mood.  I’m really on a roller-coaster these days. :-)

My recovery this time has been slower than 1) it was from the last surgery, and 2) I’d like!  Still, as the doctor said, after having been beat up by an operation to remove half my colon, months of chemo, and then an operation to remove half my liver, it’s to be expected.  The first couple of nights after coming home from the hospital I had nights full of nightmares and considerable disorientation.  That eventually cleared, but it left me in a bit of a funk.  I’ve just had very little energy, ambition, or appetite.  I had a follow-up visit this Wednesday, and the doctor noted that my hemoglobin was low, so he’s put me on some iron pills.  Hopefully that will help.

I’ve been very slowly getting back to work.  Yes, I know, many people tell me to “take more time off”, but 1) I ENJOY my work, and 2) I gotta pay the bills!

Anyway, I am now looking forward to what God has in store me for 2014!

Thank-you so much for your thoughts and prayers.


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