Friday, September 05, 2014

Windows Support (yes, a diversion from my cancer posts)

I just had a delightful time on a phone call that I thought I had to share.  The home phone rang, and since I was expecting a call from the surgeon’s office about a surgery date, I answered it.  Well, it was a very nice phone call from a very helpful “Windows Support” agent suggesting there might be something wrong with my computer.  I really wish I’d recorded the conversation!  I think the first words out of my mouth were “does this actually work for you guys?  Do you actually manage to suck people’s credit cards out of them over the phone?”  He mumbled on for a bit and I asked my question again.  At that his response was “well it doesn’t work on dickheads like you” (his exact words (crude language), not mine).  I laughed harder than I had been and suggested that if it actually worked, I wasn’t worthy and should really go work for him.  At that point he challenged me and said “I bet I can suck your credit card information out of you, too.”  I said “OK, give it a try.”  He said “OK, are you in front of your computer now?”  I said “Yes, I am, but you’ll have to tell me which one:  my primary server, my backup server, my desktop, my laptop, my kids’ computer, my wife’s laptop, my wife’s Surface, my Mac, or my daughter’s iPad.”  At that point the line went dead.  J


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I think he called just to make your day. As you say, "a diversion from my cancer posts." Nice to have those funny little moments in the midst of a lot of not so funny ones.

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