Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Surgery Date

Just a quick update to let you know that my next surgery is slated for October 6, and to answer a couple of questions I get asked often, especially by people who don’t see me day-to-day.
  • “How are you feeling?  Are you in any pain or discomfort?”  The simple answer is that at present I feel no pain nor discomfort.  I feel pretty much 100% normal.  I’m working, going to lots of hockey, going to movies, playing Settlers with my wife and friends, etc., etc.  In fact, if it weren’t for the doctors telling me so, I wouldn’t know there was anything wrong.  I was recently asked (indirectly) how the cancer could have snuck up on me without my knowing and the answer is simple:  either there is no pain/discomfort or I’m oblivious to it.  In fact, if you want reassurance, feel free to check out the video (yes, I have it on the web, though you have to download it to see it – it’s at the bottom of this page) of me jumping out of a plane.
  • “What about a liver transplant?”  Yes, liver transplants are fairly routine by now.  No, I’m not eligible.  Once cancer has metastasized (spread) to the liver, the person is considered too high a risk, since there are so few livers available.  I guess it’s assumed that the cancer is too likely to infect the new liver as well.
Until next time….

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