Monday, October 27, 2014

There but for the grace of God...

We received some fairly sobering news today.  When I was in the hospital with my last surgery, I briefly shared a room with a man who’d had essentially the same surgery as mine (though his had been about a month prior to mine).  For reasons unknown, his body did not recover as well as mine.  We got word today that he’d passed away last Thursday.  Then we also got news that another friend from Edmonton had been diagnosed with the same cancer as my own.  Yep, sobering.

In case you’re wondering how I’m doing, I believe things are progressing as they should.  I’m recovering.  I was able to work a full 40 hours (from home) last week, though it exhausted me (I slept most of Saturday :-).  My incision hurts a little more than I remember the previous ones doing, but the staples are out and I think it’s coming along as it should.

Unfortunately, I still don’t know much in terms of a prognosis.  About all the surgeon told me was that the operation had been a success.  I have an appointment with the surgeon (in which I’ll hopefully get more details) on November 7, and an appointment with the oncologist on November 18.

So, I continue in God’s hands, and if He wants me on this planet for another 30 years, that’s absolutely no problem for Him! :-)

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