Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Knife

Well, I’ve had a wonderful few months living essentially symptom-free.  Just today I got to do one of my favourite things:  go on a road trip with my wonderful wife to watch my awesome son play hockey.  Friday I got to celebrate my incredible daughter’s 19th birthday with my family and some friends.  Tomorrow I will get rudely yanked back into a reality where I am fighting for my life against an uncaring unfeeling opponent that is doing its best to kill me.  (How’s that for a  little melodrama?  J)
Thankfully I’m in the hands of The Great Physician, who is capable of healing me or of giving me a glorious eternity.  Right now I’m kinda hoping He helps the physicians in the operating room.  I don’t feel like my work here is done, but it’s His call.
I’m glad I don’t have to be awake or responsive during this procedure.  After all, given that I have to be at the Foothills hospital by 5:30AM, my hunch is I’ll be sound asleep again before the anesthetic has a chance to do its job.  J
Anyway, I’ll try to send an update out as soon as I can after the surgery.  I’m hoping we’ll know a little better what the future holds after the surgeons operate.
See you on the other side (of my surgery, that is – sheesh, I’m not dying just yet!).  Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts, and support!


Unknown said...

What a week. On Wednesday, also at Foothills, our youngest, is also having surgery... Having her arm amputated.. Due to cancer also.. Our prayers for you, Sue and the kids

Jackie Walters said...

Continuing to hold you and your family gently in prayer. May you all rest easy in the loving comfort of God's embrace.