Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The joy of being monitored

I’ve made a “blog-only” post concerning the hockey adventure Brodie and I undertook a few weeks ago.  It’s rather lengthy, and I didn’t want you to have to use the “TL;DR” excuse.  If you’re interested, you can read it here.  I’m still back-logged from my vacation, which is why I haven’t gotten this update out sooner.

Now to the subject at hand.  On April 19 I had another routine PET scan and got another routine blood test done.  On April 25 I had a follow-up meeting with my oncologist.  For some reason, the results of the PET scan hadn’t reached him yet, so he arranged to call us later in the day.  He did say, though, that the blood test looked good – no significant cancer markers.

Later in the day, he got the full PET scan results, and the news is generally positive.  The lungs, liver, and bowel all look clear.  However, this time my esophagus lit up in a peculiar way.  The doctor didn’t seem terribly concerned, but… my next procedure is to get a scope down my front end (as opposed to the scopes that have gone up the back end).  We haven’t been given a date for that yet, so stay tuned.

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