Saturday, June 10, 2017


I’ve always felt like a healthy person.  In my 56 years, I’m quite sure I’ve averaged less than a single “sick day” per year (school or work).  Of course, that all changed roughly four years ago with the discovery of cancer in my system.  Now it seems almost like every visit to the doctor brings up new problems.  Last week I had an endoscopy – that’s the simpler name for the procedure in the title.  They’d sent cameras up my backside frequently, but now they thought it was time to examine the other end.  I wasn’t awake for the procedure, but when I awoke I was given the bad news.  OK, don’t get too frightened – it really wasn’t all that bad.  In fact, the good news is that they didn’t find any cancer, and I have no noticeable symptoms of anything.  However, apparently I have a small hiatal hernia, a Schatzki’s ring, and grade B esophagitis.  They’re optimistic that these are reasonably easily treated.  They’ve given me some pills and asked that I return in about eight weeks for a repeat.

Stay tuned for more news from the exciting world of Brad’s innards!

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