Sunday, June 10, 2018

New lease on life?

Today was an interesting day.  In many ways it wasn’t all that special or memorable.  It was a Saturday so I slept in while Sue went for a massage.  Then we started off on our usual Saturday drive.  Over the last period of time we’ve found it a very enjoyable way to spend time together:  we each get our favorite drinks and then we go for a leisurely drive through our spectacular Alberta foothills.  However, we did one thing a little different today:  we went car shopping first.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re wondering why, since we have a reasonably current car.  Well, that’s where this starts to get interesting.  Five years ago we also had to go car shopping.  At that time we did something very different from our “normal”:  we leased our car.  Why?  Because I’d just been diagnosed with stage four cancer and we thought it would be less hassle to settle for a lease, especially if I wouldn’t be around for long (don’t question the logic too much – it wasn’t necessarily a period of great clarity for issues other than health).  Well, now you may be starting to see the connection.  Today we went car shopping because the five year lease was due and, whereas we haven’t made a decision on the car yet (this email really isn’t about our transportation), we’re actually considering a purchase instead of a lease.

Yes, you can read into that the implication.  I had my semi-annual (yep, I can say that now :-) check-up and all was clear!  So, whereas I know it could come back any time, at least for now the results are very positive and we find ourselves more and more thinking about life more normally again (i.e. like it might last for more than a few months).  Needless to say, the five year mark highlighted by our car lease was cause for significant reminiscing about the many things that have transpired during that time.  But maybe, just maybe, I’ll outlive another car!

Thanks again for all your prayers through the last few years!  God is good!
"Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional."

P.S.  The five years I talk about in this post does not represent that magical number that oncologists talk of when they talk about being five years cancer free.  In my case I’m still under two years on that count.

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Guy Gendron said...

Glad to read this Brad. Hope everything is well. Take care. Guy.