Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Goodbye staples!

Hi folks!  Not a lot to report today.  Recovery from the surgery is coming along (including a nice drive to the mountains with my sister yesterday), and I got the staples out this morning (all 39 of them!).  I’m hoping to be able to start working from home again bit by bit, hopefully starting tomorrow.
I guess now the focus will begin to shift from removing the tumour and recovering from that surgery to the reality of cancer.  The next event on that schedule is a meeting at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre on August 13.
P.S.  I’ve begun chronicling this journey on a blog just so that as I add people to the email list, I don’t have to send extra emails or include all the history in each email.  You can find that at http://pletzky.blogspot.ca/, but don’t worry – I expect to keep sending email updates.  The blog will just contain copies.  J

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