Thursday, August 01, 2013

Yay, I'm home!

It was an unexpected delight this morning to hear the doctor say I was being released today.  I’m still very dopey and groggy, but I’m writing this from the comfort of my own home.  Yes, I’m now sitting in my office, having been chauffeured home by my lovely wife and served chicken soup by my lovely daughter!  Life is good!  J
I’ll be getting the staples out sometime early next week.
So, the pathology report has already returned, and confirmed it was cancer.  I’m not good enough with the medical details to provide very specific information, but the tumor was between 4 and 5 cm in any direction (i.e. maximum diameter was less than 5cm). There has been some spreading, though it sound like not a lot (1 of the 18 lymph nodes removed with the metre-long section of colon contained cancer cells). I’ve been referred to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, which is where I’ll be going when I’ve recovered from surgery a little more.

I was thinking of putting a picture of the incision with this email, but Sue thought that might not be the greatest – not everyone would want to see it.  So, if you ARE interested, you can see it here:

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!

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koko said...

That is a lovely incision.

Thank you for posting!

- Sue's medical-geek-IT friend, Cara